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Citywalk Groningen: Tine Tammes

This citywalk tells the story of the first feminist wave in the Netherlands (1870-1920). 
Follow in the footsteps of Tine Tammes, famous Groninger feminist.

Sanne Meijer (Sanne Meijer Onderweg) and Iris van den Brand (HierisIris) are writing a book about Groninger women 
(think: writers, peasant women, politicians and resistance women.) This book will be filled with several walking/cycling routes through Groningen, telling and explaining their stories. Celebrating the announcement of their first book, Sanne and Iris released a free citywalk through Groningen, honouring Groninger female Tine Tammes, I got the chance to support Sanne and Iris by designing their citywalk! Next to the design I’ve also drawn the map of Groningen and illustrated some simple but matching symbols.

Mapping groningen

I illustrated a map of Groningen with matching symbols in support of the text.

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