Period: 2020 – Now

The tale of Dark.

As a kid I've always been afraid of the dark. But during my minor at the Willem de Kooning Academy I started growing a fascination by the dark during an experiment. For my project 'Days in the dark, days in the light' I lived an entire week conscious of the light and darkness surrounding us, noticing what effect it had on me as an individual. During this week I got to know the beautiful aspects of the dark. With this short story I want to translate the dark, an abstract and mysterious concept into something that everyone can understand. Through creating a character that kids can relate to (being the personification of the dark) we set on a journey through Night.

The story is shaped around character Dark (Donker). Dark has been struggling with his self-esteem for quite some time: he has never really felt comfortable in his own skin. He finds it hard seeing the good in himself and is astounded by the light: by her beauty and strength. Dark sets on a journey to find himself. This story is about being in the spotlight, facing fears, finding your own strenghts and about being able to be yourself. And how hard this might seem, sometimes you have to take a step into darkness to find your way back home. With this movie I hope I can start the conversation between kids and their parents about the subject darkness!

All the sets/characters and props are handmade with love. The team is slowly expanding: together with Bregje Doesburg, animator and set-designer I’m currently working on new sets and props to finish the story of dark. Here a sneak peek behind our scenes.

The Story of Dark comes to life through stop-motion animation and in-camera sorcery. 

For my graduation project I created a (achieved) crowdfunding-campaign to kick off my project.
Click here to view the crowdfunding-page.

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