For a while I’ve been designing for Sanne Meijer Onderweg
a Groninger female, historian, writer and entrepeneur.

Over the years I’ve created her corporate identity and several products. It started with a small cycle-route through the province Groningen, and resulted in designing her book Vraauwlu, co-written with Iris van den Brand.

Corporate identity // book design // packaging design // graphic design

I’ve designed Sannes portfoliobook, summarizing the several projects Sanne took part in over the past years: a portfolio to be proud of!

Postcard design

For a specific event, Sanne asked me to design three postcards. These postcards tell three different historical legends of towns in Groningen, with each a matching handdrawn illustration that support the story.

< The supportive illustration that belongs to the postcard
The Mermaid of Oldeschip.

A menu card I’ve created for Sanne for her stand at a food-festival in Groningen. I’ve created an adjustable template in which Sanne can adjust and change the items on the menu. 


Route books

For Sanne I’ve created several routebooks, with different Groninger women in the leading role. 
Check my portfolio for a closer look into these book(let)s.

Vraauwlu – Uitgeverij Passage (2022)

In the footsteps of Tine Tammes – City Walk (in collaboration with Rijksuniveriteit Groningen) 2021

In the footsteps of Cato Pekelharing Doijer – Citywalk (2020)

The first bike/cycle route I’ve created, using this dotted and colourful style, with cut-out archive images: it became a succes, which led to a few more booklets in this style.

With every booklet comes a handdrawn city or surroundings map. With each marker on the map comes a handdrawn symbol, telling something about the place.

Very first

route booklet (try-out)

The very first assignment (way back in 2018) was to create a small booklet which follows a bike route through Groningen, telling stories about the past that took place in these surroundings…

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